Don't Sit Through Education, Journey Through It. 

We help families discover and co-create learning adventures for kids and students. 

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Find Your Next Adventure In Learning

Our mission is to help families like yours discover and co-create learning adventures for kids. We want to inspire you and your student to engage in exploratory learning that is rooted in 21st-century skills development and allows them to identify and dive into their passions.  

Find And Create Adventures

Find and create adventures in your local community. Identify events that you and your student may be interested in, or host your own experience for other students and families to tag along! 

Create Ideas To Check Interest

Thinking about hosting an art class? Maybe a community bug hunt? Create an idea and see if local students and families would be interested in attending. 

Find Communities

Find other families and students with similar interests, and create communities around your journeys. Team up with parents and creators to brainstorm and create events tailored to your family and community.  

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